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Austin, TX

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Austin, TX

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A few notes for you as you get ready to race:
>>Please bring your own water in reusable containers. The chase boats will have water to hand out if you need extra.
>>Bring your $5 bill for a Flea Market on Saturday after racing for classic AYC regatta items.
>>When you arrive, stop at the club house for registration.  You will be directed to the North ramp or the Point to rig and launch.
The map below provides a few pointers about where to go, but the lake level is MUCH lower than shown, so it looks quite different.  
@ The yellow square indicates the lower area where vehicles and trailers can be parked and boats can be launched from shore or brought to shore after launching on the North Ramp (leftmost red arrow points to the North Ramp).  The rightmost red arrow points to the road access to the lower area.
@ The red circle indicates the current location of all the keel boat docks. They are no longer in the cove.
@ Out on the flat area where you can park and launch there are a couple things to note:
    * SOGGY AREAS:  The darkest areas near the water are where the ground is still wet. Avoid driving down in that area.
    * OBSTACLES:  There are cables holding the docks in this area.  You can drive over them IF they are on the ground, but DO NOT park on them in case the dock shifts and the cable moves. Some of them are up off the ground, but not very high and can be hard to see (they will be flagged).  Also look out for rebar anchors in the ground that will damage your vehicle (we plan to mark them with cones).
     *PARKING:  If you park down on the lowest level and/or have your trailer or dolly down there, please park PERPENDICULAR to the shore to allow enough room for everyone.  
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